About Monica

Monica is an Edmonton based, LGBTQ+ non-equity actress, vocalist, artist, model, and educator. Often described as high energy and vivacious, she thrives in a rehearsal room and takes great pride in her work. She graduated at the top of the class in the inaugural year of the Acting and Musical Theatre Intensive program at the Visionary Centre for the Performing Arts, and has been working in the arts industry ever since. As the Director of Education at the Grindstone Theatre, Monica enjoys working with like-minded artists to create opportunities for emerging artists, and provide a safe space to educate those interested in the performing arts.

Theatrical arts have always been a significant part of Monica’s life, and have played a key role in her development both as a performer and an individual. Her favorite part of working on a show is the ‘Eureka Moment’ that happens somewhere in the rehearsal process; that moment when something falls into place and a lesson is learned. Monica had the privilege of experiencing this in a recent project lead by Kevin Jesuino in which she made a personal discovery about human behaviour and psychological connection. This provided Monica with the confidence and expression to become a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, and has greatly influenced her work as a performer. Monica has a special place in her heart for devised theatre, and thrives in a collaborative environment. She finds joy in sharing experiences, learning from others, and creating works that both challenge and inspire.

Another thing about Monica? Well, she always has to use 2 exclamation marks when she’s writing anything. “Otherwise one would feel lonely!!” This fun quirk almost feels like a curse some days when she has to drop a second piece of macaroni down the sink if one falls in, but that’s just the flavor of life in Monica’s world!!

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Upcoming Project Acting Workshop

Acting Workshop

This 2 hour workshop will cover all the basics you need to know to get started on your acting journey.

Upcoming Projects A Novel Story

A Novel Story

Touching on life advice, relationships, job interviews, and more, Monica’s anecdotes are sure to make you see the world a little bit differently (but better).