Monica Gate Acting Lessons


Acting is a powerful form of self expression and exploration. Throughout history, humans have time and time again proved to be storytellers at heart. We all have our own experiences that are unique to us, and acting is a way that we can share these with the world.


Ages: 8 to 65+

Levels: Beginner to Advanced

What Can I Expect From My Lessons?

We’ll start with a personal diagnostic to assess your current standing in the art form. We’ll look at what past experience you have (if any) and then address your current goals. I’ll help you create a timeline for your projects and training so you can stay on track. We’ll also look at how you can get involved in the community and other opportunities for development.

We will learn the foundations of acting through the exploration of soliloquies, scene work, improvisation, and writing. We will find your casting type and work on material that compliments you and your skillset. These lessons will improve your success in an audition room, rehearsal hall, and even in the office- lets get started!!