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Dance Lessons | Monica Gate . Actor. Educator. Model

Dance Lessons

dance lessons


Some people tell stories through dialogue, some sing beautiful arias to retell a woeful past, but some of us love to wiggle!! Dance is an exceptional form of self expression and discovery. As an ever-changing art form, dance is a joy to study and is a great way to become familiar with yourself. Dance allowed me to find a stronger connection to my body and my physical awareness. It also provided me with a stronger way to articulate my emotions when words simply weren’t enough. It’s time to explore YOU!!


Ages: 7 to 65+

Levels: Beginner 

Genres: Tap, Jazz/Ballet, Contemporary, Lyrical

What Can I Expect From My Lessons?

We’ll start with a personal diagnostic to assess your current standing in the art form. We’ll look at what past experience you have (if any) and then address your current goals. I’ll help you create a timeline for your projects and training so you can stay on track. We’ll also look at how you can get involved in the community and other opportunities for development.

In your lessons, we will explore the basics of movement and dance through warm up exercises, pose/move studies, and choreography analysis. I will show you the basics of your chosen genre of study, and then help you find your personal ‘style’. This will help you stand out in an audition room and/or impress the grandparents when they’re over. We will find what makes YOU unique, and how we can best show that through the gift of movement!!