Piano Lessons

Piano lessons


Ah, the gift of music!! We love sharing our stories and experiences with other people, and music is another way we can do that. Piano is an excellent instrument for beginners, and the skills you learn in piano are easily translated to other instruments like guitar or your voice, so it’s a great way to get started in music.


Ages: 5 to 65+

Levels: Beginner to Intermediate (RCM 5)

What Can I Expect From My Lessons?

We’ll start with a personal diagnostic to assess your current standing in the art form. We’ll look at what past experience you have (if any) and then address your current goals. I’ll help you create a timeline for your projects and training so you can stay on track. We’ll also look at how you can get involved in the community and other opportunities for development.

In your lessons we will cover the fundamentals of music theory and piano performance through practice exercises, song studies, and more. We’ll go a step further in your lessons to find your own style and how we can hone that skill to the point you can show self expression through your playing. If you struggle learning classical music, that’s okay- we’ll work together to find material that you love to play and that will challenge you. Let’s get playing!!