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Upcoming Project Acting Workshop

How To Master Your Monologue

Admission: $10

Date and Time: Coming in July!!


This 2 hour workshop will cover all the basics you need to know to get started on your acting journey. We’ll begin with learning how to choose material that’s right for your casting and compliments your skillset, and some great warm ups you can take away for practice later. I’ll show you all the foundational theory behind analyzing a monologue, and how to incorporate this into your speech, body, and mind. Through the exploration of your monologue and some helpful exercises, we’ll learn to root our acting in truth to give a sincere and moving performance. You will leave the workshop with helpful online resources to get you started in your acting career. Are you ready to get your dream role?? Let me help you get started!!

Upcoming Projects A Novel Story

A Novel Story

Monica has always been one to share the wisdom she thinks she has, and has often been deemed the ‘mom friend’ of the group. Able to BS her way through absolutely anything, she has landed herself in many amusing and precarious situations, and has decided it’s time to share her story. Touching on life advice, relationships, job interviews, and more, Monica’s anecdotes are sure to make you see the world a little bit differently (but better). Explaining how to get through life when you know nothing, this book is on its way to being the next holy grail of self help books. Stay tuned for its release in the summer of 2022!!