Voice Lessons

Voice lessons


You use it everyday. It’s that gift given to you that allows you to communicate in your own unique way. We use it when we’re singing, when we’re talking, when we’re presenting an idea at work, when we’re speaking in front of a crowd, and when we’re reading our little one’s favorite book to them. No two voices are the same, so why not take lessons that have a curriculum made just for you!!


Ages: 8 to 65+

Levels: Beginner to Intermediate

What Can I Expect From My Lessons?

We’ll start with a personal diagnostic to assess your current standing in the art form. We’ll look at what past experience you have (if any) and then address your current goals. I’ll help you create a timeline for your projects and training so you can stay on track. We’ll also look at how you can get involved in the community and other opportunities for development.

In your lessons, we will explore the technologies within our voices, how they work, and how we can use them effectively. We will work through anatomy, registers, sight reading, and range expansion through warm up exercises, songs, and poem work. Depending on what area you’d like to study in your voice lessons, we will improve your voice acting, singing and performing, or public speaking. It’s time to unlock your voice!!